What We Are

Lovely Events is a specialist Event Management company which has been operating since 1969 by the name of Lovely Decorators. The company is well established and boasts an impressive list of clients, who come from the Public, Private, Voluntary, Education and Charity Sectors.

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What We Do

We arrange all kinds of events including wedding parties, corporate events, cultural functions, religious parties, national celebration parties, fairs etc. We offers event plan, decoration, Sitting arrangement ( waiting and food tables), Lightings, Catering and Other services as per advice.

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Our Working Situation

Currently we are working in Ladies Club as a permanent event management firm. Here we are arranging almost every sort of events starting from weddings corporate parties etc. We are also working in SWID Hall. To add more we are currently handling 25% of the events Officers Club. Other than this we also provide services outside which are on demand.

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Arrange your wedding party, Gaye Holud, Corporate Party,

Personal Program at Cheapest Cost in Swid Hall

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